ترخیص کالا و ترانزیتترخیص کالا و ترانزیتحمل و نقل و ترخیص کالا با ترخیص کاران ماکو در گمرک بازرگانحمل و نقل و ترخیص کالا با ترخیص کاران ماکو در گمرک بازرگان


We take the pain out of customs brokerage , so you can move goods to and from anywhere

شرکت بیر تجارت معتمد بازرگانان و ترخیص کاران


We offer scalable solutions, so you can dream as big as you want

شرکت بیر تجارت معتمد بازرگانان و ترخیص کاران ماکو بازرگان


We take care of all importing and exporting complexities, so .you can expand your horizons

Import,export,transport,trade With Iran

Import,export,transport,trade With Iran

Import,export,transport,trade With Iran

Commercial and custom clearance provider the business services,custom,clearance and transit

Customs clearance and transportation of export and imported goods from o Iran with Bir trade Iranian company

Staffed with experienced customs brokers – with high experience in a wide range of commodities – and with continuous education, updating of knowhow and adoption of all the latest applications and developments in the sector, Cargo Group Customs Clearance can ideally cover your needs in a rapidly changing  customs environment

Cargo Group Customs Clearance ensures for your company

  • Implementation of all kinds of customs procedures

    Excellent representation of your company to the custom authorities of the country

  • Consultancy services and accurate guidance of your company in customs issues and business applications involving customs issues

    Pre costing of your imports to\in Iran

  • Immediate completion of all procedural issues of your imports,

    Invoice issuance the next day of customs clearance completion and dispatch to you. Extremely competitive costs with no hidden charges and small letters

Special Business and custom clearance for European and Turkish imported goods to Iran

The difference in use native Expert in Iran’s customs can mean the difference between profit and loss, paying off undue custom costs and discount on fees, registering early and late chronic, matching product in Iran and no matching, Standardized goods and Rejection off  goods from Iran

Import, export and Safe transport With Iran through Turkey from the Bazargan Customs Border in Maku free zone

Leave us your hard work that Experience the fastest and most reliable import and export processes from Buy and Packaging Cargo to Clearance and transit. We simple your trade and Transportation to\from Iran and report to you all the steps and work program

Smart and easy trade between Iran and Europe with Buy, Marketing and clearance Cargo Group

Doing all of the shopping, clearance and customs formalities with our customs consultations  and exit cargoes from Iranian Customs the next working day of the collection of the required shipping documents. Our Iranian consultants know all the laws of office and Customs in Iran

Our low wages for Consulting and Professional Services reward from yours much save. Save in Do not pay off undue custom costs, discount on fees, Spend much time and preservation of your goods from the risks of the import, transit and clearance

Import,export,transport,trade With Iran
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